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Tips on Preparing Your Home for Winter

Posted: December 04, 2018 by Robert Yazbeck

For many people Winter is their favorite time of year. Bundling up and getting all cozy by the fireplace and watching the snow create a magically Winter wonderland outside your home’s windows can be tranquil and relaxing. But it is important to prepare your home for the cold winter months by doing some home maintenance and a few simple preparations.

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Watch out for mini drafts

Having a doggie door for your pet can be a much-needed necessity so your pet can come and go while you are not home, but lots of cold drafts can come through the opening and even a small draft can make a huge difference on your home’s internal temperature. Having your dog or cats pet door flaps filled with sheep’s wool insulation can really cut back on the amount of cold air that can enter through the pet door. Keyholes on your home’s door handles also should be protected with keyhole covers that easily slip over the top.

Clean your radiator

If your home has a radiator making sure it is clean and serviced is vital. Schedule to have someone come out and inspect your radiator or o any necessary repairs. Make sure the area around your radiator is not blocked as this can prevent the warm air from circulating properly around the room and cause the maximum amount of heat to be accessible to your home.

Reverse your ceiling fans

If your home has ceiling fans check to see if your fans have a reverse switch. If so, you can run the fans blades in a clockwise direction with your heat on and the fan will help to produce an updraft and it will push down the air into the room. This is very helpful in rooms you may have that high ceilings.

Caulk your windows and doors

If you have gaps between your homes siding and windows that are bigger than a width of a nickel, then you will want to reapply your homes exterior caulking. For outdoor caulking it is best to use silicone caulk as it will not shrink and holds up well against the winter elements.

Turn off and cover your outdoor faucets

If your home has outdoor faucets, they can freeze in the cold winter months and even burst. Disconnect all garden hoses and drain any water that remains in the faucets. You can also purchase outdoor faucet covers at any home improvement store. Outdoor faucet covers are an easy way to protect your outdoor faucets from freezing.

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