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Selling Your Home this Holiday Season

Posted: December 03, 2018 by Robert Yazbeck

Selling Your Home this Holiday Season

If you are selling your home over the holiday season you may think that you need to forgo the decorations this year. Does the thought of this make you want to bring out your inner Scrooge? Well do not fear, having your house on the market does not mean you need to keep your holiday decorations in the attic until next year. Here are some tasteful tips on how to still decorate for the holidays without turning off potential buyers.

  1. Depersonalize the decorations

When a potential buyer comes into your home, they need to be able to picture themselves and their family living there so it is important to have the home and decorations appeal to a wide variety of people. Personalized stockings, an abundance of holiday cards, religious symbols and tokens, and holiday crafts your children made for you need to be saved to be put out in your new home next year.

  1. Keep the decorations classy and simple

When decorating your home remember less is more. Do not decorate the outside or inside with an abundance of decorations. A beautiful wreath, a tastefully decorated Christmas tree and classic strands of holiday lights strung outside are always a good idea. Do not place lots of holiday knick knacks and items that look like they belong at an ugly sweater party out for display. These items will distract potential buyers and make the space look cluttered.

  1. Skip on the inflatables

Inflatable holiday decorations come in all shapes and sizes and can be fun for kids to see in the yard over the holidays. If you are selling your home inflatable Santa’s, reindeer on the roof, and a group of Mickey Mouse characters on the yard can be seen as poor taste and turn a buyer off. Remember to stick to the classic holiday decorations while your home is on the market.

  1. Protect the Presents

While your house is for sale do not stack your families holiday presents under the Christmas tree or leave them out for display. You want potential buyers to see the potential in your home and not be distracted by holiday gifts. You also will not want to worry about sticky fingers touching your gifts or potentially walking off with them.

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